FireChaser UAS

Long Endurance UAS specifically designed to fight wildfires

Next1’s first commercial drone, the FireChaser UAS is designed from the ground up to detect, analyze and map wildfires at a cost 50% to 80% lower than anything available in the market today.

Fully compatible with Next1’s MAWA-1 wildfire detection system, the FireChaser UAS can produce high-resolution thermal maps at a rate of 2000 hectares per flight hour. Some of the major innovations of the FireChaser UAS include unprecedented endurance (over 2 hours), extreme long-range (over 50km), fully autonomous takeoff and landing as well as compatibility with present and future beyond visual line of sight requirements.

Thanks to these innovations, the FireChaser UAS is capable of executing long-range missions typically performed by manned aircraft today at a fraction of the cost with no risk to human life.

The overall cost of operating the FireChaser UAS is around $0.10 to $0.20 per hectare. These are all-inclusive costs, without any upfront investment, with the final product being a thermal orthomosaic map delivered directly to decision-makers.

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